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"Free Trade Nation" is a new book (published February 2008) that provides a definitive history of how Britain's adoption of an open trade policy shaped the modern world. It is written by Frank Trentmann who is Professor of History at Birkbeck College. (Published by Oxford University Press price £25 ISBN 978-0-19-920920-0). We review it in our news section but here is an extract:

"The strength of the Free Trade culture came from its flexibility. In building up a set of shared core assumptions about what was legitimate politics, and what not, about the public interest, and about national identity. This consensus was built from the bottom up as well as the top down….. What military triumphs and sleeping medieval kings were to newly unified countries on the European continent, the repeal of the Corn Laws became to many Britons. Free Trade was a saga of internal unification…...its powerful vision of civil society and its new public language of the consumer provided a sense of inclusion and legitimacy that allowed it to avoid the simple association of Free Trade with wealth and selfish capitalists so widespread today." For more turn to our news section.



This will be held at the offices of the Institute of Economic Affairs at 2 Lord North Street SW1. Time 6 pm.

FEB 4 (Wednesday): Sir Robert Peel anniversary. Lunch 1 pm Meet in coffee room of City Livery Club at The Baltic Exchange, St Mary Axe from 12 noon.

May 31 (Sunday) Richard Cobden anniversary. 12 noon Annual wreath laying at his statue outside Mornington Crescent underground station (Northern Line). Followed by lunch at Marine Ices.

All members welcome to these events. But for catering reasons please notify the Honorary Secretary (020 8997 6868) if attending

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