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Institute of Economic Affairs

The IEA is the UK's original free-market think-tank, founded in 1955.

Adam Smith Institute

The Adam Smith Institute is Britain’s leading innovator of free-market economic and social policies.

Henry George Foundation

The Henry George Foundation is a private charitable company limited by guarantee. The Foundation is an independent and apolitical organisation.

Global Britain

A geo-political think tank founded in 1997 by three Life Peers. Non-party-political, and independent of any other body.


The Globalisation Institute

The Globalisation Institute commissions and publishes research work on world trade and international development, particularly on enterprise-based solutions to poverty.

Daniel Hannan, MEP

MEP for South East England (Conservative)
Founder,Institute for Free Trade

The Cobden Centre

Independent educational charitable foundation with focus on honest money, social progress and Free Trade.

Professor Patrick Minford

Professor of Applied Economics, Cardiff Business School
Chairman,Economists for Free Trade.

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